Beth & Tim Are Breaking Up

What is the best way to end a relationship? Well, you make a list of course.  From the Netflix account to a work party to having sex, Beth and Tim put together a list of all the things they need to complete before it’s over.  As items get crossed off, friends get involved and they get closer to the end date, Beth and Tim question whether or not they made the right decision.


In Her Head

Chelsea can't help but get lost in her own inner thoughts.  She lives in her head narrating the awkward interactions of every day life from preparing dinner for one to escaping a one-night stand.  


Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only is an original series that follows two twenty-something music lovers, Chelsea and Jackie, as they try to find the perfect place to stand at an indie rock show. The girls must navigate through awkward, inappropriate and in some cases sexual, interactions with random concert-goers in hopes of finally selecting the perfect spot. Who knew having fun could be so hard to do?!